Interpreter Tutorial: How to set your availability for on-demand interpreting services?

Jun 26, 2018 | 0 comments

In order to receive any calls from our on-demand interpreting services, there is one vital part of our Portal that all interpreters who work with us need to know. Correctly setting your availability to receive calls is integral to successfully working with us. Read on and, follow the steps below, to find out more.

 Firstly, login to your account on our Portal.

 On your account homepage you will notice that there is a small section on the top left of the page which lists your current availability.

 It will say either “Available for Work”, or “Unavailable for Work” plus a telephone number drop-down list and a link to either “Switch on” or “Switch off”.

So, say for example, I now want to accept calls. I press the link “Switch On”.

I am now “Available for Work” and any calls will be forwarded to the number shown.

At this point I know that I’m going to be available to accept calls for the next few hours. With my status still listed as “Available for Work” I can then logout of the Portal and still receive calls.

Note: You don’t need to be physically sat at your computer, or laptop, or tablet, and logged into your Portal account to accept calls, provided you’re listed as “Available for Work” in your account.

Later, I’m ready to stop receiving calls and finish work. So, I log back into my account on the Portal and switch off my availability for work on my account homepage.

I will no longer receive any calls, until I switch on my availability for work again.