Maintaining business continuity through Covid-19

Mar 10, 2020

First, and foremost, our hearts go out to anyone who is currently affected by the outbreak of coronavirus across the globe. It is a worrying time for us all. 

While the health crisis is unfolding, we also have to try to avoid economic catastrophe. We have seen large scale events cancelled, travel restricted, and areas quarantined. As a precaution, many businesses have been implementing policies to reduce human contact with non-essential travel bans and people being urged to work at home. You may find the ways you have previously engaged an interpreter – face to face or via speakerphone – are no longer possible. Thankfully, there are ways to continue without negatively impacting anyone’s health, or meeting face-to-face. 

Don’t cancel your meetings, or events, just yet.

The impact of the steady global spread of Covid-19 has been felt greatly by the international conference and meetings industry over the past month. Many organisers have simply cancelled their conferences and events. Others have resorted to a fallback option of distance conferencing technologies to maintain an online version of their original event. The explosion in usage of online meeting platforms over the past month is testament to how much of our business is moving online. Some reporting usage increase rates up to 100%. Chinese tech giant Tencent’s meeting app went from 250,000 all-time downloads by the end of January to 9 million a month later. 

Take it from us, despite all the difficulties, you don’t need to completely cancel your next meeting over health concerns. With extensive experience in delivering remote interpreting services into online meeting platforms, such as Bluejeans, Zoom, WebEx, Go-to-Meeting, Skype and Adobe Connect, we’re perfectly positioned to support any business continuity plan. The good news here, on the business side, is that you can easily add language services to your current online meeting and video conferencing platform of choice. Our tech team has developed our services to integrate with all devices and platforms, without the need for proprietary hardware or software, which puts us in the somewhat unusual position to supply language services at incredibly short notice. We’ve been delivering these types of services long before the crisis, and will hopefully continue to long after!

Protecting healthcare workers

Healthcare language interpreting in this crisis presents its own unique challenges. There is an obvious dichotomy at play. While the need to contain disease negates the reason to bring in face-to-face interpreters, the increase in patients seeking medical treatment is also rising (and as such the numbers of people requiring language services). In order to fully support our frontline medical workers, we believe they need access to every possible tool. Telephone interpreting at each nursing station, or in the pocket of every doctor, are solutions healthcare providers can look to deploy.

Supporting Interpreters

In addition to technology, there are thousands of freelance interpreters waiting to work for you, from home, around the world. Conference interpreters, in particular, are already reporting negative effects of the coronavirus on their workload as each event is cancelled. In many cases remote interpreting assignments may constitute the only option left for interpreters to make ends meet in these difficult times. In-line with our commitment to providing better paid work for the best interpreters we’re continuing to support them through the crisis. 

Challenging assignments are the centre of our business and our reputation for delivering on tricky services precedes us. Chat to our team today to see if we can help with your business continuity plans through the crisis, and beyond.

Stay safe, folks!

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