Helping you do business in challenging times

Sep 29, 2020

The language industry landscape may have changed over the past few months, but the requirement for language services remains as ever strong. Reacting to the changing work environments has tested the flexibility and reactiveness of all language service providers. While times have been hard, and undoubtedly challenging, we’re continuing to work in many of the ways we always have. 

From your regular services…


As remote meetings have replaced face to face interactions, so has the delivery of language services. Today we’re able to provide interpreting across all the major video conferencing platforms, without the use of proprietary hardware or software. Some clients prefer to use traditional telephone based conference calling – we’re experts at that too!


We have our own online booking interface for clients and service users to book interpreting services needed.


For clients in the call-centre and emergency support sectors we continue to provide interpreting service on-demand. We have extensive experience integrating with other call-handling platforms.

….to those tricky assignments

We are fast gaining a reputation in the industry for being the go-to provider for more challenging assignments.

Whether it’s technically challenging, or difficult to find the necessary interpreter, we thrive finding solutions for our clients. We’ve helped clients find an interpreter in a more obscure language, within days notice, and link them remotely to meetings. We’ve solved problems that are logistically challenging with new ideas and a little lateral thinking.

How are we working with interpreters through these challenging times?

We have been in business for over a decade and, while the way we do business may have changed, one thing has remained constant. That is our promise to support and champion the best interpreters. Now, more than ever, our focus is on ensuring we are supporting our interpreter community in every way we can. 

It is a natural progression that we find ourselves spending the most of our time and energy in building a group of the best interpreters. Best doesn’t just mean most qualified. It is the best interpreter for the particular job. An interpreter that we completely trust with our reputation, and yours.

Interpreter management for us encompasses three elements:



We have been building a group of interpreters from within the thousands registered on our database that we know and can personally vouch for. We work with these interpreters across multiple different services and clients. Their knowledge and perspective is vital to our, and your, success. These are not “our” interpreters – the vast majority of interpreters are freelances. There is no exclusivity. Interpreters work for competing agencies. The only difference is how agencies work with interpreters.


We are constantly getting to know our core group better and better. They are involved in the development and maintenance of our services. By regularly communicating and collating feedback, we are able to ensure our services are successful from all aspects. It is a relationship of reciprocated mutual respect. It almost goes without saying that we pay well and consult on pay regularly.


Interpreters are integral to the success of every service we provide. Without interpreters, we have no business. Their opinions and feedback help us shape our business. As such, we spend more time and resources developing our group of interpreters than we do anything else. 

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