Overcoming hurdles to remote working with innovation and flexibility

Oct 30, 2020

We pride ourselves on our ability to be innovative and proudly talk about our flexible approach to delivering services that people actually need. Sometimes, though, the potential for flexibility appears to hit a roadblock at integration. 

This year has forced many businesses to find ways, sometimes overnight, of continuing to work in an entirely new environment. The demand for services and products is still there, but the working environments can present significant challenges in actually being able to deliver what’s needed. 

We had a conversation with a prospective client recently who wanted to use our services but had a specific issue they were really struggling to get around. Their agents work in the field using mobile phones and due to the pandemic need to remain socially distant. Working with face-to-face interpreters would no longer be an option. Remote, telephone, interpreting is the obvious solution, but the client’s mobile phones are fixed to a certain provider who restricts the ability to use a conference calling facility. Therein lies the problem! With the agent, customer, and interpreter in three separate locations a conference call would be essential. 

Our first step is always to take the time to understand the problem from our client’s perspective through asking questions and putting ourselves in their shoes to get a really good grasp of the problem. We build our services from the end users perspective as we believe this is absolutely essential to provide the service needed and not what we think might be needed from the outset. 

Once we’ve got the full picture, our second step is all about solution based thinking. We take time to internally propose ideas, make suggestions, and trial ideas. You’ll see this is a common theme in our business. The first suggestion isn’t always the best, so we’ll trial a host of ideas ourselves until we have the perfect solution.  

Finally, once we’re happy, we’ll present our proposed solution to the client. In this case our solution was to place a new piece of tech in our process, which enables us to manage the multi-way call on our side rather than through the agent’s mobile. The agent contacts the interpreter using one line first, before dialing in the end user on another line. Our system handles the merge between the two calls, thereby avoiding the mobile phone providers roadblock.

We pride ourselves in taking time to appreciate, immerse ourselves, and partner with our clients to give bespoke solutions to problems which in the long term benefit everyone. Even if a problem seems initially challenging, or near impossible, it’s still worth investigating. We strongly advise all our clients, and potential clients, to continue to challenge us. Pushing for new solutions is what helps us all grow, this year has definitely taught us as much!

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