InterpretersPortal language services opens the door to health and well-being for all with Thrive Tribe

Sep 1, 2021

Who are Thrive Tribe?

Thrive Tribe work with employees, communities, and individuals to help them make positive behaviour changes to their wellbeing and personal health. They have supported over 218,000 people to make lifestyle changes – including 97,000 people stop smoking, 20,000 people lose weight, delivered over 21,000 health checks and engaged in nearly 28,000 workplace interventions. 

 Thrive Tribe is a multi-faceted organisation, delivering tailored support through ten independently funded services, united under one umbrella. While the aims of each service stream may be different, they all unite under a common goal to enable as many clients as possible to successfully access the support they need. It’s no surprise that a client’s commitment to lifestyle change is vastly improved when communication is in their primary language.

Continuity is the key to success in making lifestyle changes. We match an interpreter to a client for the duration of their programme.

Our bespoke approach

We always approach working with each client in the same way. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes. We want to know what a great service looks like for them. Then through many conversations, question sessions, and posing ideas and challenges we reach a matched solution. We initially listen to what perfect looks like for the client and then work backwards to provide that in every way we can.

The Language Services for Thrive Tribe


24/7 On-Demand

The first service provides advisers with access to professional interpreters whenever they find themselves needing the help of a linguist.

This is particularly helpful for any initial assessments to triage a potential client, where their language needs may not be known in advance. Advisers simply call into their service at any time.


Online Booking

The second service allows a health practitioner to book an interpreter in advance.

Using our online booking facility they can easily schedule a set time, date, duration, and language for a pre-arranged appointment. Health practitioners can also select an interpreter of a specific gender for either personal or cultural reasons.

The team at Thrive Tribe have never worked with interpreters before so we collaborate with the managers of each service stream to deliver group training sessions. We work through how to use the service in a practical sense through test runs. They also learn how to get the best out of their interaction with an interpreter and what to expect.


 I don’t know what we did before this service was in place! 

We are now able to open the doors of our service to non-English speaking clients, where before we would turn these clients away as we didn’t have the infrastructure in place to support them. This resource is invaluable to us for engaging non-English speaking communities across London, Lincolnshire, East Sussex and our other service delivery areas.

Thrive Tribe have built an excellent partnership with InterpretersPortal. Rolling out the portal to our 10 services was much easier than anticipated. Delivering joint training relevant to our services and that captured everything that InterpretersPortal offers worked really well.

The InterpretersPortal service has been really easy to use and very few staff have needed additional support to use the system, they have needed it more for their reassurance of using a new system with their clients. Victoria is always on hand when I or our team have queries.

Katie Ferrett

Quality & Training Manager, Thrive Tribe

The right interpreter, every time.

Continuity is key to success in making lifestyle changes and many of the Thrive Tribe courses last over a period of months. To ease the client’s journey and help build rapport every follow up appointment is booked with the same interpreter automatically. 

The ten service streams under the Thrive Tribe umbrella have a specific client profile with each one targeting an individual health ambition – whether that’s to lose weight, give up smoking, get more active, or find mental health support. Our interpreter provision needs to reflect this and be individual too. Every interpreter is fully briefed and hand matched to our client’s needs. We never just add a client into an existing pool of interpreters – every service is unique. This ensures that each caller connects with a professional and knowledgeable interpreter ready and waiting to support the health practitioner in their appointment. We want our interpreters to be a seamless and informed extension of Tribe Thrive services.

 With each of the Thrive Tribe service streams individually funded it is crucial that billing is accurate with costs always allocated the right pot. Every time the language service is used the correct business stream is recorded and billed appropriately. InterpretersPortal assigns each of the teams with their own unique PIN numbers to keep monthly reporting clear and well recorded.


 The Interpreters Portal couldn’t be any easier to use. All you have to do is know which numbers to call and listen to the recorded instructions.

If that wasn’t enough, the team at the InterpretersPortal are really friendly and helpful, always willing to explain anything you are unsure. To quote Casablanca, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” that will help us to communicate effectively with many, many more clients.

Eloy Grana

Freston Road Support Team Manager, Thrive Tribe

An unexpected hurdle…

The Covid-19 pandemic brings additional challenges as advisors continue to work remotely and are not seeing clients face to face. The success of the service relies on being able to easily connect 3 people (the adviser, the client, and the interpreter) to one conference call. 

 When we came to trial the service there was a significant hiccup. Thrive Tribe advisors all use company mobile phones for client calls, however the phone service provider restricts calls being merged. We originally built our service assuming the advisor could conference with the interpreter and client into a 3 way conversation. After much head scratching and problem solving, we’ve created a conferencing facility within the InterpretersPortal which bypasses the phone service provider and allows the advisor to use their mobile and connect with both their client and the interpreter.

InterpretersPortal are specialist suppliers of language services to the health and wellbeing sector. We support a wide range of programmes delivered by personal health management companies in person and remotely. 

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