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A mature and well established LSP specialising in translation, branches out into a new venture, providing remote telephone interpreting.


The Challenge

Our client had a stable and mature translation business, but had a desire to diversify into offering remote interpreting services to their current clients.

They recognised that they didn’t have the knowledge, or finance to purchase the technology themselves, nor did they currently have the required additional workforce to head up the project and ongoing service management.

They were in a classic “chicken or egg” situation, where they wanted to develop the new revenue stream but were uncertain about the level of investment and timing.

The Interpreters Portal Solution

As with every client, we spent time getting to know their business, their ethos, values and vision. It’s integral for us to critically understand each client’s unique pain-points for us to be able to contribute an effective solution.

We started small, taking one of their custoemrs as the first test roll-out of their remote interpreting service. This particular customer’s requirements were for interpreting services delivered largely on-demand via landline – plus occasional booked sessions.

Our client was comfortable in waiting to ensure that the processes for managing their first client were solid, before expanding their marketing and profit generation.

Throughout the intial service roll-out we collaborated with our interpreters to add another dimension of feedback for our client. We encourage a continious feedback loop from all sides. Interpreters are a huge part of what makes a service successful, and as such we value their input into the calls they take for our clients.

Unusually, the end user was also in a start-up phase of their growth meaning both the parties were going through a steep learning curve, experiencing together processes that needed amending.

InterpretersPortal was able to be practical and flexible whilst this learning was ongoing, making changes as required and keeping the interpreters fully briefed at all points to ensure engagement and commitment levels remained high.

The client is starting to feel that they and the end user have now found a procedure that works and InterpretersPortal will continue to partner with it’s client to help it capitalise on other business opportunities, leading to expanding revenue.

InterpretersPortal are being extremely supportive and understanding as we work through things together, and this is very much appreciated.

Without that element of professionalism, it would be so much harder to keep things progressing in the right direction.

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