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What’s different about Interpreters Portal?


Delivering services differently

We want to change how people access interpreting services. We strive to make language services accessible for any user – anywhere, anyhow, anytime.

Our aim is to always deliver the right interpreter, via the most appropriate medium, as simply as possible. We encourage language agencies to embrace all forms of remote interpreting in order to deliver the service their clients need for every individual circumstance. 




Building business models differently

We want to question the whole concept whereby remote interpreting services are bought and sold “by the minute”.

We believe that there are different, and better, ways to build commercial relationships between users, agencies, and interpreters.  These will include models where the value that is added for any particular transaction is what matters, rather than the time on the job. We are also investigating ways where many users can each pay a small subscription for access to a service and so enable us to provide to them access to the interpreters at no additional costs.



Working with interpreters differently

We are passionate about supporting the best professional interpreters across the world.  We aim to recognise their professionalism with better rates of pay, support and job flexibility.

We commit to pay every interpreter accurately and on the same day every month.

Cultivating individual relationships with the interpreters is an integral part of our work. We focus more management time on building and maintaining that trust than we do on any of our other priorities. 



We deliver the right interpreter – anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

About us

We’re first class technologists.

We have spent 10 years designing, building and improving a full interpreting service management platform. We handle all aspects of service management to connect the end-user to the right interpreter – every single time.  We designed our platform with flexibility in mind which enables us to easily integrate with all new technology standards.

As the language industry adapts to and adopts new technology tools, we constantly modify and improve our platform to incorporate those changes. When we first started out, a decade ago, telephone interpreting was almost our entire focus. These days the trends in the industry are demanding professional interpreters deliver more and more of their services via remote data links.

We make interpreting universally available.


We put the end-user at the centre of everything we do. And in doing this we recognise that the end users of interpreting services are all of the participants in the transaction, including the interpreters! We help language agencies deliver flexible services tailor-made for each set of users. From the consumer who knows nothing about interpreting and has never used a professional language service, to the seasoned user, we put the them at the heart of the experience. We pride ourselves on providing interfaces that are simple and intuitive to any level of user. 

Whether you need to deliver a professional interpreter in person, via web link into an online meeting, or ensure all your customers have access to an interpreter on the mobile device in their pocket – we build services to connect end-users with a professional interpreter in as few steps as possible.


We collaborate.

We collaborate with everyone. We truly believe that by working closely together technology providers, freelance interpreters, and language agencies can begin to add real value for end-users. We aim to collaborate in everything we do. We help our clients write quotes and tenders to assist them to win business using new and innovative commercial models. We work with the best interpreters throughout the world to help them find more quality assignments.

We’re not shy of working with other technology partners. If we don’t have the skills in house to meet the demands of a specific user, we can integrate our own interpreter management platform  with other communications systems. From day one we built our platform with the flexibility to facilitate collaborations and integrations in mind.

We build long-term strategic partnerships.

Our raison d’etre is to help language agencies deliver interpreting services. We are not in business to offer services direct to end-users and as such are not in competition with our partners. 

Our role in the partnership is to provide robust, reliable, modern technology, in order for you to offer competitive services. We are also committed to working every day to recruit, manage, monitor and support a cadre of the best interpreters to specifically support your services. Together, we can jointly deliver the services your clients demand. 

Our partnership terms vary from partner to partner, we build the financials around the service you require. Join us in a conversation to see how we can work uniquely together.

Tailored Services for you and your clients

The easiest way for you to connect to a professional interpreter is on the device you're using right now.

Our mobile interpreting solution is not just an extension of an existing telephone interpreting service.  

We have designed and built our service interface from the ground up to ensure the smoothest of user interactions. 

Click the arrows to discover how you can talk to a professional interpreter in just a few taps of your device…


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Why is now the time to deliver interpreting differently?


Keep up to date with trends

Keep up with the ever-growing momentum to deliver interpreters into meetings and events via sophisticated online systems. What started as telephone interpreting now encompasses Remote Video Interpreting (RVI), Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI), and Remote Conference Interpreting (RCI).

Growing Competition

The increasing number of AI speech recognition/machine translation bots are putting strain on traditional interpreting services. The strain is both financial and also driven by user expectations. Service user are increasinly expecting services that are more accessible.

Cost Efficiency

Slash your costs without compromising on service quality. Administration costs are greatly reduced, as are travel and time costs for interpreters. New pricing structures make professional language services attractive to new markets. 

Increased Flexibility

Easier to provide interpreting services at short notice and more straighforward to cater for trickier assignments. Built with the user in mind remote online is typically easier for the end user to access. 

Delivering Business Models Differently

Introducing language as a service, with our subscription based business model. Making it universally easier to buy, and sell, interpreting services.  

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We're passionate champions of professional interpreters


Professional interpreters and translators are the life-blood of any language business. Without their skills, no amount of savvy technology can deliver the best service. 

We pride ourselves on working with the best freelancers in the business. Forging relationships built on mutual trust, respect, and loyalty. 



We care about our industry.

We care about the quality of services that are provided to all end-users across our platform. 

We care passionately about the support that we can give to interpreters around the World. 

We care about the mutual trust embedded in the relationships we build with our partners.






Every professional freelance interpreter is unique.  We recognise that this uniqueness needs to be accommodated when matching interpreters to possible assignments.

Many face-to-face interpreters have no desire to take on remote assignments.  On the other hand there are increasing numbers of simultaneous interpreters who want to embrace the opportunities available in the growing market for remote sessions.

We work closely with all interpreters to ensure we understand your individual preferences and only connect you to those services that suit you.


Fair Pay


We believe that all interpreters should be paid according to their true value.

We would like to find ways to pay interpreters based on the value they provide for each and every service that they support, and not according to the latest and lowest “pence-per-minute” rate in the market.

We also believe that we should pay interpreters within 15 days of the end of each month, regardless as to whether we have been paid by our partners.



You're in Control


You own your profile on our platform.  You have complete control of your interpreting assignments. You control your hours and your pay rates.

Our portal operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year but you choose when you want to be available to work, and for whom. You can set your availability status very simply in your account. 


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